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Fire Energetics and Emissions Research

FEER Updates


20.Feb.2019 - VIIRS active fire data available as VNPFIRE product.

12.Feb.2019 - FEERv1.0 Emissions processing stream fixed.

08.Feb.2019 - MODFIRE processing stream fixed.

31.Jul.2018 - Suomi-NPP VIIRS fire data added to Africa Explorer.

Fire Energetics and Emissions Research

Image of MODIS Fires around the world displayed according to FRP

This world map displays fires according to their fire radiative powers as measured by MODIS.

Welcome to FEER, a site dedicated to the research of fire energetics and emissions! The main motivation of this research is to gain a better understanding of how to quantify the strengths and effects of fires on the environment and climate. Check out the About section to gain a more detailed background of this research. An overview of what resources are currently available on this site is separated as follows:

  • Projects: Houses the home pages of currently funded projects in this research.
    • Validation of MODIS' Fire Radiative Power Product
    • FRP-Based Smoke Emission Coefficients
    • Interactions and Feedbacks between Biomass Burning and Water Cycle Dynamics across the Northern Sub-Saharan African Region
  • Multimedia: Images, movies and maps depicting the extent of fires around the world measured from MODIS.
  • Data: A file cabinet of downloadable data relevant to this research.
    • MODIS Fire Radiative Power Product
    • FEER Emission Coefficients and Inventory
  • Tools: Available research programs or add-ons to extend your research capabilities!
    • Global MODIS Fires: A Google Earth add-in that displays MODIS fires.
  • Links: A list of useful links for this fire research.
  • Publications: A list of our affiliated publications.
  • References: A list of our affiliated references.