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Fire Energetics and Emissions Research

FEER Updates


07.Apr.2017 - New version of Africa Explorer is live and includes smoke forecasts.

01.Feb.2017 - Updated getMODFIREdata and getFEERdata scripts.

14.Dec.2016 - Biomass burning land cover product description uploaded.

10.Nov.2016 - Expanded and enhanced the Northern Sub-Saharan Africa Project homepage.

About FEER

MODIS pixels at 3.96 microns superimposed over an AMS scene at 3.74 microns MODIS pixels at 3.96 microns superimposed over an RGB image of an AMS scene

MODIS pixels at the 4 micron channel superimposed on an AMS scene.

Our Purpose

To aid in gaining knowledge of the effects that fires have on climate processes and human health using remote sensing methods to characterize fire emission output and distribution.

What we do

  • Work with algorithms to better characterize remote sensing fire data:
    • Duplicate MODIS fire removal algorithm
    • MODIS adjusted FRP algorithm
  • Create data files incorporating these algorithms.
  • Conduct research incorporating this new data to gain understanding of climate:
    • Fire emissions research
    • Northern Sub-Saharan Africa research
  • Create and use MODIS fire visualization tools.