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Fire Energetics and Emissions Research

FEER Updates


20.Feb.2019 - VIIRS active fire data available as VNPFIRE product.

12.Feb.2019 - FEERv1.0 Emissions processing stream fixed.

08.Feb.2019 - MODFIRE processing stream fixed.

31.Jul.2018 - Suomi-NPP VIIRS fire data added to Africa Explorer.


Fire Radiative Power

MODIS FRP data from both Terra and Aqua is available at 1-km resolution (at nadir). FRP is a quantitative measurement of the strength of a fire, and as such it offers a high level of information and numerous opportunities for scientific application.

Smoke Emissions

Smoke aerosol (TPM) emissions from fires can be derived from two parameters: FRP and a coefficient of smoke emisison (Ce). Ce is provided here globally, derived from coupled MODIS measurements of FRP and smoke aerosol.

Land Cover

Certain applications (such as the FEER emissions data set) require gridded land cover products at different resolutions. As the resolution becomes coarser, information on which land cover type is actually burning can be lost. The Biomass Burning Land Cover Type product is an effort to retain that information throughout this process.